3 Reasons to date a MILF3 VERY Good Reasons to Date a MILF:

          1- Hot Sex with little to no work.
          2- Hot Sex with little to no work.
               3- Hot Sex with little to no work.

MILFS are never satisfied and always wanting more, always hungry. And yes they DO BITE ....... HARD!!!!
Hot MILF in SummerSummer? Winter? It doesn't matter ... just fuck me!

.. and stop talking so much!
Hot Mom

nope"But baby, I love you. You are like the sunshine over a thousand roses in a meadow made of flower petals. I want to know you, to look into your soul and discover how we can become one so that angels can sing and ...."

"Make me feel special. Let's go out to dinner to a fancy restaurant where you have to spend a lot of your money and we can talk a lot and I can tell you about my friends and about how much I love sushi and oh, did I tell you about how much I love sushi and how I'm into it and about my last facebook wall post and then you can drive me home and if you're lucky you 'might' get to give me a kiss on the cheek."
"Yeah, let's go out to dinner. On the way there I'll let you play with my boobs all you want. I'll pay my half or even all of the bill as I have money too and we can skip dessert and go straight to my place and have 'it' there."

"Why don't we talk on the phone all night long into the wee hours of the morning and try to create a special connection and well, it's actually going to be me doing most of the talking but you're such a great listener I just know you love hearing all about my life and I'll feel very special."
"Yeah, let's talk on the phone and yeah, I'll be doing all the talking starting with the subject of what I am NOT wearing right now."

Stop wasting Your Time ...



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